WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Anarchist MFG A brand for the rebels! 😤🤘🏻 | Wire | Cotton | Ejuice

Anarchist MFG A brand for the rebels! 😤🤘🏻

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Anarchist MFGAnarchist Ejuice Local vape Distro

A brand for the rebels! 😤🤘🏻

Est. 2012

 When the rebellion started.

In 2012, Vaping was beginning to emerge from a subculture to a full-on lifestyle of those looking to stop smoking cigarettes. Products such as E-cigarettes, small cartomizers and atomizer tanks were in an abundance but not many of these vaping products represented a specific style for vapers. Most products were an average, blanketed response to the growing demand, they looked plain and were mass produced to fill shelves of the emerging Vapor scene when Vape Shops became a norm in most shopping centers.
 Noticing that there was a lack of identity is where Anarchist MFG emerged, aiming to represent the vapers that broke the mold. By creating products made by those that vaped e-juice and used mods beyond the mass produced and corporate funded machines and were living a heathier smoking alternative lifestyle without selling out to the greed behind money signs which seemed to start dominating the industry.
Starting out in southern California, Anarchist MFG created its first tube mech mod, The Anarchist v1.

The Anarchist v1 Comp Modanarchist mech mod v1

Introducing The Anarchist MFG brand to the vaping scene, The Anarchist v1 was the first product to drop. Using a spring-loaded bottom firing button, The v1 came in multiple materials such as brass, copper, black copper & stainless steel. Quickly becoming a big hit among vapers, The v1 was popular for its straight to the point design. Utilizing a single 18650 battery, it quickly became a hit for competition vapers with its ready to use design and easy installation by just screwing on your favorite RDA to the top of the tube mod.

The Anarchist v2 Comp Modanarchist mech mod v2

After the success of The v1, the Anarchist team decided that for the second generation of its mech mod to bring more style options with The v2. Keeping to true to the ease and functionality of a mech mod, the second version cut down on size while still providing a top-quality product made for vapers by vapers. Adding new colors options expanded the audience and caught the eyes of those who wanted more a custom feel, and The Anarchist v2 satisfied that want for vaping veterans as well as those that were new to vaping.

The Anarchist v3 Comp Mod

anarchist v3 mech comp mod

After a few years, Anarchist decided to bring its tube mods back to scene with The Anarchist v3 The Comp Mod. Taking the vape community input and the same high quality product craftsmanship, Anarchist brought new styles to its tube mod arsenal, with color changing finishes and an added dragon skin print to prove that you didn’t need to reinvent vaping but make it more personal with style options that spoke on who the vaper was and how they wanted to be represented.

Anarchist Limited Edition HexOhm v1hexohm v1 anarchist

After the success of the Anarchist CompMod, The Anarchist crew teamed up with Craving Vapor, the company behind the successful HexOhm box mod series to create the limited-edition Anarchist HexOhm. This mod is mostly known for its large front panel Anarchist engraved logo, with a side engraving of The Anarchist catchphrase ‘#PUNKASFUCK’. Utilizing 18650 batteries that are stored behind the front removable panel this box mod could hit up to 50 watts, creating a vape product that has been cemented in history as a vaper’s favorite device, with a 510 connector you could easily use with almost any RDA.

Anarchist Aria Solara DNA 200Anarchist Aria Solara with beyond vape DNA 200

Trying something new Anarchist MFG teamed up with the minds at Aria to create an internal battery, Solara DNA 200. This box mod added ease to the vaper on the go by eliminating the need to swap batteries. Utilizing a USB charging cable, you could keep this 200w box mod charged anywhere you had access to a plug. Featuring three new modes, Power mode for raw wattage, Stealth mode which makes hitting the vape truly incognito by not lighting up when being vaped & temp control mode for those who liked to know how much power and heat was flowing through their coils.

Anarchist Edition HexOhm v2.1hexohm | craving vapor | local vape distro

After the massively successful collaboration with Craving Vapor, Anarchist MFG teamed up with them again to bring The Anarchist edition HexOhm v2.1 box mod. This dual 18650 battery mod brought more power to the series by being able to hit up to 100 watts with the new OKL-T20 Chip. The body is made from high quality aluminum and the finish is really impressive. It weighed around 225g, which made it feel very solid and perfectly balanced. It has a large Anarchist logo on the front and an interchangeable colored button for firing. The battery cover on the HexOhm v2.1 is fully magnetic and it’s held together by four corner magnets that ensure a tight, rattle free connection to this box mod.

Anarchist Edition HexOhm v3local vape distro hexohm anarchist edition

With all new redesigned internals, and a fresh, sleek look made with anodized aluminum, this mod is an amazing overhaul of the HexOhm vaping experience. The Anarchist Edition hexOhm v3 brings back the large front panel Anarchist logo, has a spring loaded 510 pin, and its own proprietary board which is rated for use up to 30 amps & capable of hitting 180 watts using two 18650 batteries with additional features such as low voltage cutoff for battery protection and an auto 10 second cut off as well as a master on & off switch. Bringing new heat to the cosmetics, meaning that all of the 3D printed plastic components were replaced by injection molded ultem that houses the spring-loaded solid brass battery contacts. Also adding to the aesthetic of this box mod the battery door magnets are hidden under the door panel to create a fully smooth surface.

Anarchist Wireanarchist vape wire and vapor cotton

A name that’s synonymous with the brand, Duane otherwise known from his Instagram handle @ohmboyoc teamed up with Anarchist MFG to help create both Anarchist Cotton & Anarchist Wire. Known for his youtube coil build videos, Ohmboyoc is an OG coil builder with deep roots in the vaping community. Often helping and showing the vape community how to create clean and intricate builds. Taking a truly hands on approach, both Anarchist & Duane decided to create a product that’s truly for vapers by vapers. Each package of Anarchist wire comes in 15ft sections which helps with bending and wrapping builds, available in sizes ranging from 18g to 26g in a guitar string bag for an extra rock & roll touch. Every inch of Anarchist wire is American made, purified nichrome. Anarchist wire is found in the most popular Premade coils from brands like Mterk, Feenz, Coilturd, Squidoode and Jboi coils.

Anarchist Cotton

Knowing that flavor shouldn’t be left to ejuice alone, Duane otherwise known on Instagram as @ohmboyoc came together with Anarchist MFG to create Anarchist Cotton. What some vapers take for granted is that a lot of flavor loss can come down to what cotton is being used in their vape builds, joining forces Ohmboyoc & Anarchist fixed this issue by creating their own line. Made from organic Japanese cotton, each package contains 6 pads of pure cotton that compliment any flavor dripped onto them, creating tasty clouds without having the need to constantly rewick your builds.

Anarchist PurpleAnarchist Purple E juice

A truly juicy and satisfying flavor, Anarchist purple Ejuice finds the perfect balance of ripe grapes and sweet sugary bubblegum without the unnecessary chewing. On the inhale Vapor of this delicious Eliquid you’ll first taste the juicy fresh from the vine grape flavor, with sugary sweet bubblegum on the exhale.

Anarchist RedAnarchist Red Ejuice

Finding an ejuice that flavor profile that perfectly matches what it’s labeled as can sometimes be a hard find, Anarchist MFG hit the nail on the head with their vape juice Anarchist Red. A sweet strawberry hard candy that all vapers will enjoy, with a sweet and smooth flavor of delicious candy in every single puff.

Anarchist BlueAnarchist Blue ejuice

Always ready to keep your cool, Anarchist Blue Ejuice is a refreshing blue razz slush. This vape juice packs in all the flavor of a frosty, chilled slushie, with a slightly tart but mostly sweet blue raspberry finish. Vapers can expect to enjoy a truly satisfying experience with every Vape cloud perfect for beating the heat.

Anarchist GreenAnarchist Vape Green Ejuice

If you take a fresh batch of oven baked cookies, smothered with delicious cookie butter, then top all of that off with crisp granny smith apple slices you have Anarchist Green Eliquid. This ejuice combines the best of both flavor worlds with savory & sweet. The first thing you’ll notice is the fresh picked citrus tang of a green apple Vape, which will be followed by a deep & flavorful cookie finish enjoyable for both sweet & savory vapers alike.

Anarchist Whiteanarchist White Ejuice

An adventure in every bottle, Anarchist White brings the campfire straight to your vape with gooey sweet roasted marshmallows and cinnamon blasted crisp graham crackers without any of the sticky mess. This tasty vape juice brings the outdoors with you wherever you go so the delicious flavor never has to stop.

Anarchist BlackAnarchist Black Ejuice

Combing two tasty vape flavors into one, Anarchist Black will conquer your taste buds with its delicious, fresh from the oven baked vanilla cupcake which is infused with everyone’s favorite sugary sweet pebbles cereal. Bringing together both breakfast & dessert there’s not a juice on the market that can satisfy both sweet and savory vapers quite like the way that Anarchist Black aims to please.

Anarchist Pink LemonadeAnarchist Pink Lemonade vape

A flavor that has truly hit the ground running, Anarchist Pink Lemonade is a new twist on a classic. With the first taste of this e-juice you’ll get a full-on blast of slightly tart citrus flavor that’s closely followed by a satisfying and sweet lemonade finish. Every cloud will take you to a warm summers evening where you could kick back without a care in the world. Vapers have come to love this juice because it provides the best comparison of a tall refreshing glass of pink lemonade.

The Anarchist x Aria Built Phenotype-L RDAPhenotype L RDA By Aria Beyond Vape and Anarchist Vape

Aria Built bringing their first RDA designed in collaboration with Anarchist MFG, The Phenotype-L. The Phenotype-L is a three-piece, stainless steel RDA with an easy-to-build, two-post deck, a deep juice well, and a beautifully machined Stainless Steel finish to ensure this RDA can hold its own. The positive post is plated in 24K gold for maximum conductivity, and the negative post is milled directly into the deck for a better ground. The sleeve of the Phenotype-L features four, vertical cyclops-style airflow windows that gradually increase in size. The top cap of the Phenotype-L comes standard with a delrin 510 adaptor and matching a wide-bore tip, and also a delrin, Chuff-style drip top for blowing massive clouds. The Phenotype-L is designed by builders, for builders with its two-post design with 3mm post holes, and a 4.2mm deep juice well.

The Anarchist x Aria Built Phenotype-LS RDAPhenotype LS RDA By Anarchist and Beyond vape

Following in the footsteps of the original, The Anarchist x Aria Built Phenotype-LS brings a new low-profile design for full on flavor and an upgraded PEEK insulator. Maintaining the two-post build deck with its plentiful airflow. Coming apart into three pieces this RDA maintains solid stainless-steel construction, which also came available in a stainless-steel or black PVD finish. Though the post holes are slightly smaller on this RDA at 2.5mm instead of the previous 3mm on the original.

The Anarchist x Aria Built Sleeper RDAAnarchist Sleeper RDA

Coming together for another show stopping product, Anarchist MFG and Aria Built produced The Sleeper RDA. The build deck on The Sleeper RDA has been called one of the most innovative decks in the vape industry featuring horizontal, block-style top feeding posts. Making loading coils even easier as you would only need to trim your leads and push them down into the terminals then tighten the side angled, flat head screws to hold your builds in place. No longer needing to worry about ensuring that your coils may pop out while installing them. The Sleeper RDA also comes in clutch with a 6mm deep juice well for less dripping and more vaping.

The Anarchist RIOT RDAAnarchist Riot RDA

Following in the tradition of creative designs with precise execution came the collaboration between Anarchist MFG & DigiFlavor, The Anarchist RIOT RDA. This two-post build deck features dynamic side airflow design inspired by one of the greatest punk bands to exist, for not only massive clouds but amazing flavor as well. Measuring in at 244mm in diameter with high quality metals, this often dubbed ‘Builder Friendly’ RDA does not intimidate amateur builders with its large electroplated deck also giving plenty of room for those more seasoned in wire builds. The Coil leads are at the top of each terminal for easy access and to hold your coils in place are two large Philips head screws, resulting in the capability to accommodate large or complex wire builds. Being ceramic plated, the deck also provides exemplary cooling properties and excellent flavor creation on every puff. The Anarchist RIOT RDA is available in a black or stainless-steel finish.

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