WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Alien Clapton 27g Coils by MTerk

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Alien Clapton 27g Coils by MTerk

3-27/36g 5 wrap 2.5mm .11Ω
3-27/36g 4 wrap 3mm .09Ω


Specs: 3-27g/36g
4-wrap 3mm or 5-wrap 2.5mm
3mm diameter is a 4-wrap build, suitable for Tube Mods

2.5mm Resistance:
Dual coil 0.1Ω - 0.12Ω
Single coil 0.2Ω - 0.22Ω

3mm Resistance:
Dual coil 0.08Ω - 0.1Ω
Single coil 0.16Ω - 0.18Ω

3-27g/36g: Resistance can vary depending on the leg length between coil and terminals. Also, before you heat up coils, their resistance can be below 0.1Ω. Please use a Dna 200 or a Regulated Device that can fire down as low as .05Ω, as well as safe batteries. Ex: Samsung 25R's, Sony VTC5, VTC4's or SubOhmCells.

These are a slightly larger coil and may not fit in some atomizers with a small build space.

Sold as a pair

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