WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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BREEZETONES - Tri-Core Alien Coils

  • $16.97

BREEZETONES Tri-Core Alien Coils

  • Cores: 3 x 26g Sandvik Ni80
  • Wrap:  36g  Sandvik Ni80
  • 3mm ID, 5 wrap
  • Ω Single coil 0.20 – 0.22
  • Ω Dual coil  0.09 – 0.12
  • Each package contains 2 Tri core Sandvik alien coils.


Using USA sourced Sandvik wire, these hand-built tri core aliens are well known for their fast ramp up and outstanding flavor production

  • These coils are for rebuildable atomizers and for experienced users only.

  • Please always use an Ohm meter when installing and high-quality batteries during use, ensuring the battery wraps are in perfect condition.

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