WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Feenz Pre-Built Coils

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Feenz Pre-Built Coils

These Prebuilt coils are some of the best Pre-built coils you can find on the market. Feenz Handcrafts Each coil with Perfection so you never have to worry when your about to throw these in your favorite RDA! Built to last and Each Coil Set gives you incredible flavor! 

Feenz Fused Clapton's are 2x26ga AN80 comp wire, each fused clapton prebuilt coil is wrapped with 40ga KPN80. 6 wraps on a 3mm.

With a resting resistance between .16 - .18 ohms.

These are ideal for mechanical mods or regulated mods with 75w or higher.


Feenz Fused Clapton V2's 40N80/2x27N80

Each fused clapton is a 7 wrap 3mm

.23 - .25 ohm


Feenz Framed Staple 6 x .3n80 / 2 x 28n80 / 42n80 

6 wraps on 3mm

.11 - .13 ohms

Framed Staples are a perfect build for a 100+watt regulated box or a parallel unregulated box.


Feenz Alien Framed Staple 6x.3N80,2x28N80/36N80 Alien wrap. each alien framed staple prebuilt coil is a 5 wrap on a 3mm. .09-.11 ohms dual coil.
Perfect for 100w+ regulated mods or mechanical devices. 

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