asMODus - Minikin 2 Kodama

  • $350.00

Introducing the all new Minikin 2 Kodama edition. The Minikin 2 Kodama is powered by a GX-180-HT chip which incorporates the same battery power saving capabilities as its predecessors and features a wattage cap of 180 watts and touch screen support.

The Minikin 2 Kodama utilizes newly updated firmware which displays the following information on its LED screen: Individual battery charge, resistance of the atomizers, volts being used to fire at desired wattage, a puff counter, the duration of the fire, and which mode you are in.

The Minikin 2 Kodama Edition has one change from the original Minikin 2, the battery door. The Kodama Minikin 2 has had its battery door changed from a removable back to a hinged release door style located at the base of the mod. It locks into place and creates air vents once the door is locked.


*All colors will vary


*Hybrid with acrylic

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