WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Coil Master - Skynet
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Coil Master - Skynet

  • $16.97

Coil Master Skynet

The Skynet by Coil Master is a coil kit that includes a wide variety of different coil options to fulfill your needs in a breeze. 

Fused Clapton 26AWG*2+39AWG NI80 3mm 0.3±0.05ohm
Tortuosity 23AWG NI80 3mm 0.22±0.05ohm
Clapton Parallel 26AWG*2+39+26AWG NI80 3mm 0.3±0.05ohm
Interlock Clapton (26+32AWG)+24AWG A1+NI80 3mm 0.3±0.05ohm
Fused Clapton(TWIST) 28AWG*2+32AWG A1 3mm 0.45±0.05ohm
Flat Clapton 0.3*0.8MM+32AWG A1 3mm 0.45±0.05ohm
Clapton 26AWG+32AWG A1 208mm 0.6±0.05ohm
Super Tiger Coil 22AWG+0.4*0.08MM NI80+A1 3mm 0.6±0.05ohm

1 x Skynet coil case
Coils x 48 (6 of each)
1 x Coil Master Lotto card