Dyad RDA


The Dyad RDA


  • Solid stainless steel construction.
  • Negative posts milled into the deck.
  • Adjustable solid copper contacts.
  • Gold plated interchangeable center posts.
  • Comes with a single hole square center post with  2MM by 2.25MM hole.
  • Comes with a gold plated “T” center post to change to a 4 post RDA.
  • 2MM Post holes and all square posts to eliminate turning posts.
  • Comes with wide bore CHUFF cap with adjustable air flow control.  Also includes a smaller diameter CHUFF style cap with AFC for a tighter draw.
  • All Phillips head screws included and extras for 4 post plus spares.
  • Limited Manufacturer Warranty against Manufacturer defects.
  • Certificate of Authenticity included along with contact info for Customer Service.
  • All colors are done with plating to fight corrosion.

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