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You asked, we answered! The width between the dual posts of the Rye RDA has been greatly reduced in the V1.2 - making it far more practical for the kinds of builds that excel in the Rye. The posts are now perfectly centered as well. 

The Rye RDA Version 1.2 also features a stunning 4.2 mm long chamfer on both sides of the upper level cyclops airflow intake. Starting at 9.2 mm wide at its widest point on the outside of the barrel, the intake is chamfered at a precise 45° angle all the way to a perfect 5mm x 1mm intake on the back end of the inner AFC tab. This is a smaller (slightly more constrictive) and more precise opening than the V1.

It's also features a deck almost 50% more convex than the first version of the Rye RDA. As a result, your eliquid will cascade down towards your wicks and away from the dreaded  spit-back zone that exists is most traditional RDAs.

The included robust, hex tool has been reversed and grub screws are now even less likely to strip than they were before, therefore it's easier to install, tighten, and safely secure your leads. This also gives you the extra torque you need when installing and tightening the included bottom feeding squonk pin.

We're all about the extras when it come to the Rye RDA. The V1.2 comes standard with a backup silver-plated copper connection pin, TWO plastic RDA/Mod Protective Discs, a squonk pin, and even a fat extra o-ring for your topcap in case you're at altitude and need a thicker grip. We got you covered!

From it's inception, the Rye RDA was designed with an ethos of comprehensive intolerance for airflow turbulence. As such, with painstaking care, every potential sharp angle or hard cut inside the chamber has been rounded appropriately to promote an incredibly smooth draw. Fewer "sudden" hard wall transitions and sharp corners in your RDA's chamber means less turbulence and a more rewarding vape.

The proprietary 810 drip tip with a 7.25 mm custom bore provides the perfectly balanced draw you seek for the majority of builds which will call this RDA home. Nevertheless, the Rye RDA comes with an additional 10 mm bore drip tip, a stainless steel 3 mm bore drip tip, and an 810 to 510 drip tip converter for those who need the extra option. Additional o-rings, screws, a squonk pin, and a genuine anti-strip hex tool comes standard with every RDA that leaves our doors.

In keeping with our objective for "the best - or nothing" the Rye RDA sports a HIGHLY conductive silver plated copper 510 pin. We know good and well that silver plating has a shorter shelf life than typical, so we included a second silver plated copper 510 pin in your spares for safekeeping, and the eventual day when it may be needed.

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