WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Skol - Compatible 4 Pack Pods

Skol - Compatible 4 Pack Pods

  • $15.97

Skol Compatible 4 Pack Pods

Compatible with the most popular smoking alternative.


Strawberry Lemonade - Ripened strawberries blended with a tart lemonade brings a flavor that is a favorite across the board right to your pod device. 

Tobacco - A creamy and traditional tobacco flavor that is sure to take care of that craving in an instant.

Columbian Coffee - A robust and rich coffee flavor brewed right out of Columbia and poured into a pod for you to enjoy.

Mango - Succulent and juicy, this mango flavor leaves your mouth watering with each inhale.  

Double Apple - Tart and sweet green apple, a crisp and refreshing flavor that you can vape all day. 

Pink Lemonade - The most refreshing and sweet combination that lets you take summer flavors anywhere you go.